Tuesday 29 November 2011

Impressions from China

I have passed the last week giving a seminar on patents in China, specifically in the province Jiangsu (which is why this blog was somewhat silent the last days).

The energy and speed of development in China is deeply impressing. Looking at the WIPO statistics on patents per capita, R&D expenditure etc, it is a common wisdom that China is rapidly approaching but still lagging behind the western industrial nations and Japan.

What I have now learned is that there are considerable differences within China. Looking at the Jiangsu province, the class leader amongst the chinese provinces, it appears that this province, which has a size comparable to Germany, has already almost caught up with us. In 2010, the roughly 90 Million inhabitants have filed 235873 patents (mostly design patents), 21,81% of which (almost 50000) are Invention patents and the courts have handled more than 4000 IP-related cases. Insiders say that these impressing numbers will increase by furhter 50% in 2011.

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