Thursday 20 February 2014

Online File Inspection

As of January 7, 2014, the German Patent Office has opened its data base for online file inspection. Via the DPMARegister website, users may look into the public parts of the files of recently granted patents and of laid-open patent applications, wherein the usual restrictions pertaining to confidential and sensitive information apply.

The documents available for online inspection comprise the parts of files of:
  • all patent and utility model applications for which a request for file inspection was submitted on or after 21 January 2013,
  • all granted patents and registered utility models published since 21 January 2013 and
  • all patent applications filed at the DPMA on or after 21 January 2013 that have already been published.
Apparently, the DPMA staff is still in the process of scanning the files and not every file is actually accessible. The author of this note confirms that the electronic access is provided within a few days when requesting it by clicking on the corresponding link on the bottom of the page with the bibliographic data. A possibility to be notified once the electronic file is available would be very convenient.

Further details are available in Notice No. 12/13 of the President of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office of 28 November 2013 and in the Help pages provided by the DPMA.

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