Saturday 26 September 2015

CEIPI Training Program for Technically Qualified Judges

The first block of the CEIPI Training Program for Technically Qualified Judges has taken place in Strasbourg in this week. The seminar was experienced as a very fruitful and important event by the attendees and the speakers.

The lineup of speakers and their enthusiasm is really impressing and& Cristophe Geiger (CEIPI) and his team did an excellent job in taking this initiative and briging the UPC project a step forward.

 The first block was focused on the history, fundamentals, independence of the judges and competition law. Most of the participants were experienced patent attorneys from private practice and industry.  A major concern among the participants is the question of potential conflicts of interest for practicing patent attorneys working as part-time technical judges - in particular up to which degree of remoteness these may play a role.

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