Wednesday 28 October 2015

UPC Rules of Procedure: 18th (and final) draft

The 18th draft of the UPC rules of procedure has now been published on the UPC website. According to the press release,

At its last meeting the UPC Preparatory Committee adopted the Rules of Procedure of the Unified Patent Court, subject to some further adaptations once the Committee has decided on the court fees. This is a major milestone in the progress of the Committees work.  
The agreed text is draft no. 18 which shows that the text has undergone a rigorous process of development and testing. The Rules of Procedure are the result of a successful and fruitful collaboration between the Preparatory Committee's Legal working group and the Drafting Committee. This will underpin the Court's framework and functioning. The work has benefitted strongly from comments from stakeholders submitted during the written consultation and the oral hearing. 
The Rules will be an essential element in the future training of judges of the Court and the decision of the Committee will ensure a smooth transition from the development to the active planning of such training. 
Those interested in the Court's operation should familiarise themselves with the text.

This blogger is most impressed by this monumental work of the Drafting Committee, which will surely be loved and hated and hopefully be the solid ground for the functioning of the Court and the basis professional life of quite a few practitioners in the next decades.

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