Tuesday 26 January 2016

Must Patent Hold-Up be regulated?

The CJEU decision in the matter Huawei ./. ZTE (see e.g. here)  sheds new light on the interface between standard essential patents, antitrust law and competition law.  It is time to come together and have a look onto the fractal legal landscape in this fascinating field!  The Liège Competition and Innovation Institute (LCII) is so kind to organize such a come together.

Readers who do not yet know how to spend the extra day of the present leap year should consider attending to the event:


Abstract: The patent hold-up theory has nurtured many policy developments in the past ten years. On the one hand, Standard Setting Organizations (SSOs) have been exploring changes to their licensing policies, in particular in relation to the commercial implications of FRAND pledges given by holder of Standard Essential Patents (“SEPs”). On the other hand, antitrust agencies and patent courts across the globe have been confronted with several waves of cases Those proceedings have generated a thick, diverse and somewhat inconsistent body of case-law on a wide array of topics, including the availability of injunctive relief, patent valuation, portfolio licensing, practicing and non-practicing entities, etc. This conference seeks to provide a 360° state of play on patent hold-up in contemporary antitrust and patent policy.

This Half-Day conference will take place in Brussels, on February 29th, 2016. The full Conference programme is available here, Registration here.

Speakers include the most prominent scholars, judges and advocate generals in the field such that the event will surely be beneficial to all those who attend.

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